Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not your average joe

Was it worth the 10 bucks? For an appetizer? I like the venue itself. They had heaters for eating outside. Their bread and dip are pretty good too but the food I ordered wasn't satisfying.I ordered the Thai chicken wrap. The flavor just lacked and it just tasted like nuts. The wrap had a pungent taste so if you like that it might work for you. I would suggest their veggie burger though.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Falling for flannels

I don't get to experience a view from top of the mountain everyday. This place was at Eaglerock PA. You really don't have to go far to find a nice place from Maryland. You just need a car!

Outfit ~ Polka dot top : J.crew | shorts : Poshmark | Flannel : J.crew | Shoes : UO

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cozy in Cosi ~ Life should be delicious

The service, the food and the price was perfect. I've only been here twice. This second time I wanted my family to check it out. They enjoyed the food so much as well. I ordered a margarita pizza which is perfect for vegetarian.I'm not a vegetarian but this food is pretty flavorful. It only has three ingredients. Tomato sauce, mozarella cheese and basil! I prefer the thin crust because it makes the pizza taste so fresh. I also love how their oven is old-school. This restaurant really makes you feel classy but it's definitely not too pricey. We ordered one sharable pizza and it was enough for the four of us.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rock your Bliss

outfit ~

- My favorite part of this outfit is the "Rock your bliss" mala from Tiny Devotions

-The white tank top and pink rose cardigan is from J.crew. 

-Jeans are by Levis.

-Boots are from Nordstrom rack 

-favorite mint jewel ring is from UO.

I won an amazing contest by tiny devotions, they actually posted about me on their blog! which really inspired me to make my own. The rock I am wearing symbolizes "to create the life of your dreams, to connect with what truly matters to you" I've wanted to vlog or blog ever since freshman year of high school but insecurity, lack of inspiration and not knowing what I'm really good at hindered this dream. They have gifted me with the best intention. (Whoa now I know why bloggers love what they do. This is like a diary but not only more creative and calming)

For my face:
-I did a cat-eye with Maybelline's gel-liner.
-Concealer just under my eye (for the insomniacs like me this is your bestfriend!)
-CC cream from a free sample from Sephora to finish off the look.