Monday, January 27, 2014

Mashing Macklemore and Lorde

I didn't fully watched the Grammys for some reason isn't worth sharing, but long story short. Pink killed the show. Literally my heart stopped when she was up on strings, swinging around. I'm not talking about sitting like a fairy. She was doing acrobats in the air and letting people spin her around, as fast as they can. While doing this she was singing without a crack to her voice! The other highlight is Taylor swift headbanging on her performance like she was possessed. Anyways, enough babble, just watch the Grammy on your own and see it for yourself!

Macklemore and Lorde are two of my favorite artists, they are lyrically verstile and their beats are also body-moving-beats. Their lyrics sends a message to me, something I can relate to that there's a flaw in humanity in our generation. Their songs, tell a story without making me fall asleep. So this outfit was inspired by them.

The make up is inspired by Lorde from her Tennis music video. While the outfit is from Macklemore's thriftshop song that I couldn't get enough of!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Things to do on a snowy day :

Staying in your bed, cuddled up in your blanket, sweatpants and fuzzy socks sounds alluring. Don't get me wrong that's what I want to do as well but what good is that going to do? Oh don't I sound like a mom... I'm not trying to say that you shouldn't do this. Having a relaxation day is a must but that doesn't mean that whole winter we should stay in bed with our blankets. Trust me that didn't work out for me last year! So anyways let's get started with the tips and tricks to get your day started, to get you going and doing!

Let's start with the most little efforts you can do to get your day started.


Applying a bright and bold lip color will not only brighten up your look it will also motivate you to not just sit and stay in bed. When I put on some lipstick it felt like dressing up. Except I was only dressing up my face. It will feel like you're about to do something. So what's your favorite color?


Since the sun isn't too harsh, take advantage of it and take gorgeous selfies. This has been part of our generation, why not own it and look your best?


Instead of building a relationship with your tv, call up a friend, a lover or just someone to share a laugh and make memories with. If you think starbucks can be expensive, make it your own!


To give you a little boost and inspiration to get creative and productive with your day, read over your favorite blogs. you'll be surprised at how productive some people are!

Pictures taken by my GalaxyS4

Outfit: Croptop ~ Aeropostale | Flare jeans ~ handmedown J.crew | Corduroy coat ~ handmedown GAP | booties ~ lucky brand | Infinity scarf ~ Newyork & company | Lipstick ~ BUXOM | 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cozy christmas 2013

It's not good to look back and that's one of my New year's resolution is to move on from everything and not think about everything from the past but it's always good to remind yourself of the good moments in life. This christmas might have been the busiest but it was really nice to just enjoy a nice meal with your family. We don't have a huge family here but this christmas was warm and cozy. What did you love about this christmas?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Orange you glad for makeup?

  Happy New Years! It's been a month since I posted.... all I can say is that moving is alot of work. It's even more of a work when my mom chose to do everything on our own like we're trained furniture movers...It was hell of an experience but I'm glad to be settled in. So that's my excuse for being non-existent.
  On New years it was grandma's birthday she wanted to get her hair permed. She said you should get a haircut. I really wanted my dead-ends trimmed but I just have zero luck when it comes to hair-dressers. Not only I was unhappy with the hair. I look like a dude with a mullet...I might have siced it but my face looks rounder. Not only I have waisted cash on it. Now it's going to take a while to grow but it's fine. It's hair, it'll grow back. So to make myself feel better. Makeup always comes to the rescue. So I did a subtle bold look. I took an orange/amber Matte eyeshadow and nude pink lips.

Now that we've catched up let's get started :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving time

One of my favorite holidays is this because it's main focus is on food and family. We usually stay home but luckily we get to spend it at Pennsylvania Eagle resort because my stepdad knew a friend who owned a place and generously let us stay in for the weekend. My outfit is inspired by the cranberry sauce and apple pies basically the desserts for thanksgiving.

Outfit:: Wool hoodie : Prana | Jeans : MANGO | coat : GAP | mala beads : tinydevotions

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Corduroy coats

The weather is letting us now that weather is right around the corner! I am wearing two pants due to coldness. Dried leaves are probably the best props for portraits so enjoy them while they last. 

Outfit :: Fuzzy beanie- target || Corduroy Coat - hand-me-down GAP || Turtleneck - JC penny || Pants - TJ maxx tinseltown.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beanies & booties

Today was really breezy and gloomy. I had three layers and still wasn't enough. I shouldn't be complaining, what is happening to us is nothing compared to what is happening at my homeland. Typhoon Yolanda has been one of the worst calamity. I'm so greatful to all the help from all over the world. Check out Peoplewaters on instagram and help donate a dollar simply by reposting a picture! Stay warm, stay busy & stay inspired.

Outfit~ Perfect fit & Corduroy button down :: j.crew | Beanies &  Pants :: hCo |  suede booties:: lucky brand from tj maxx (snagged them for $15)