Monday, January 27, 2014

Mashing Macklemore and Lorde

I didn't fully watched the Grammys for some reason isn't worth sharing, but long story short. Pink killed the show. Literally my heart stopped when she was up on strings, swinging around. I'm not talking about sitting like a fairy. She was doing acrobats in the air and letting people spin her around, as fast as they can. While doing this she was singing without a crack to her voice! The other highlight is Taylor swift headbanging on her performance like she was possessed. Anyways, enough babble, just watch the Grammy on your own and see it for yourself!

Macklemore and Lorde are two of my favorite artists, they are lyrically verstile and their beats are also body-moving-beats. Their lyrics sends a message to me, something I can relate to that there's a flaw in humanity in our generation. Their songs, tell a story without making me fall asleep. So this outfit was inspired by them.

The make up is inspired by Lorde from her Tennis music video. While the outfit is from Macklemore's thriftshop song that I couldn't get enough of!

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