Sunday, January 26, 2014

Things to do on a snowy day :

Staying in your bed, cuddled up in your blanket, sweatpants and fuzzy socks sounds alluring. Don't get me wrong that's what I want to do as well but what good is that going to do? Oh don't I sound like a mom... I'm not trying to say that you shouldn't do this. Having a relaxation day is a must but that doesn't mean that whole winter we should stay in bed with our blankets. Trust me that didn't work out for me last year! So anyways let's get started with the tips and tricks to get your day started, to get you going and doing!

Let's start with the most little efforts you can do to get your day started.


Applying a bright and bold lip color will not only brighten up your look it will also motivate you to not just sit and stay in bed. When I put on some lipstick it felt like dressing up. Except I was only dressing up my face. It will feel like you're about to do something. So what's your favorite color?


Since the sun isn't too harsh, take advantage of it and take gorgeous selfies. This has been part of our generation, why not own it and look your best?


Instead of building a relationship with your tv, call up a friend, a lover or just someone to share a laugh and make memories with. If you think starbucks can be expensive, make it your own!


To give you a little boost and inspiration to get creative and productive with your day, read over your favorite blogs. you'll be surprised at how productive some people are!

Pictures taken by my GalaxyS4

Outfit: Croptop ~ Aeropostale | Flare jeans ~ handmedown J.crew | Corduroy coat ~ handmedown GAP | booties ~ lucky brand | Infinity scarf ~ Newyork & company | Lipstick ~ BUXOM | 

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